Spring is here!………..well it’s supposed to be.

One day spring will actually arrive on this cold and windy little British Island we call home….. One day we will be sitting outside watching the sun set and the moon rise with a gentle, warm breeze touching our naked flesh without running the risk of frost bite or hypothermia………. One day you will indeed be slapping on the sun tan lotion whilst watching bees and butterflies buzzing around the flowers in your garden, maybe even feeling a little nostalgic for a crisp and chilly winter that seems so distant………..or maybe not.

That is why we thought we would like take this opportunity to introduce our new look Chipper Garden table…..what the hell, if you’ve got one you’ll just want to  be out there with it cradling a hot toddy, toasting marshmallows over a b-b-q and reminiscing about those long hot summer evenings you remember as a child (or am I the only one that remembers?)

Table as shown here measures 160cm x 91cm wide.

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