Latest Relic Pieces!

Long time no hear! Apologies to all our eager followers we’ve just been too damn busy!

Another splendid “Pragmatic Giac, tailored to our clients specific needs!

photo ()

Chest of Drawers made from Victorian floorboards

2013-01-07 19.40.54

Chipper Table fit for a King, or Old Mary in this case. With or without gaps as you wish, we even offer a 3rd option these days of painting the space between the gaps a vivid colour giving this classic table a contemporary twist.


We’ll do our best to keep you up to date, so many pieces have come and gone and that we’ve forgotten to photograph! If you’re a relic customer and you have a splendid Relic piece do send us a pic or two if you fancy, we’d be more than thankful!

And of course we’ve also been busy designing Interiors, please see our sister blog (relicinteriorslondon) for more info on our interior design comings and goings.

Good day to you all!

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