and the award goes to……………

Its not every day we find ourselves arranging Emmys and BAFTAs on our Relic furniture but there you go…… and doesn’t it look splendid! 

Designed and made for the Central London offices of the brilliant and prestigious Left Bank Pictures, an independent Film and Television company.

We were asked to come up with something full of character that would warm up the feel of the space and create a beautiful but modest backdrop to the awards. Made of reclaimed scaffold boards this unit comprises of 4 identical units which have been rotated to create an interesting composition, then the splashes of blue and turquoise add vibrancy and act as a brilliant contrast to the natural timber.

……so, if you happen to have a few BAFTAs knocking around, being such an inconvenience n’all, and you just can’t think what to do with them……… give us a call!


We also run an Interior Design Practise so for all your Interior Design needs give us a call!

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