Your Attention Please…..!

Please let us present to you a revolutionary Relic Creation, yes we have turned a corner (quite literally) with our outstanding L-shaped freestanding home office unit. “Harold & Maude” is a match made in heaven, a combination of 2 materials, our usual scaff boards and some historic timber salvaged from a French railway carriage. This unit is not only the most beautiful thing you have ever laid your eyes on, it also happens to be the most practical space saving solution for your home or office. The drawers and shelving unit are interchangeable which means when your space changes, Harold & Maude can change with you.

This piece can be made to any size you require, with infinite combinations of drawers, shelves and cupboards. Pick any colour you like for the painted edge (no pinks please).

ffffffffffffff kkkkkkkkkk L desk 2 L SHAPE DESK


4 thoughts on “Your Attention Please…..!

    1. Hi Ryan,

      Thanks for your comment. We don’t have an open drawer pic I’m afraid as it is now with its proud new owner but I can tell you that each drawer is approx 38cm wide x 60cm x 18cm high. They can of course be any size you want….. Let us know if you would like more info!

  1. I have a 42 inch corner space on both walls in my sons room to work with. Can this desk be made in that size? Also, we live in Waxhaw, NC. What is cost to make and ship?

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