ReliCreations – Humble beginnings

We are in our 5th year of designing and making unique, tailor made furniture crafted with so much love and care you feel you’re parting with a loved one every time you send one off to its new home.

In the beginning…

It all started with an idea; to make simple, sweet, characterful furniture using disregarded materials left out on the street. So that’s what we did. From the simplicity of the infamous pallet chair, the bonkers but beautiful Whisky Rocker to the rustic wholesomeness of the Pumpkin Chest we wholeheartedly embraced reclamation, albeit a little rough around the edges at times. A whole new world of possibility had opened up in front of our eyes.

We’ve come a long way…

So from these humble beginnings we grew, we learnt, we fine tuned our skills, we adapted, we incorporated new materials, encountering requests for every kind of furniture known to human kind along the way…and then came kitchens! Yep, we dived straight in and emerged smiling ear to ear giving birth to kitchens so ridiculously nice even we were jealous of them.


Our own evolution has enabled us to redefine reclaimed timber furniture. We have moved away from the rough ‘n’ ready pieces of the past. Instead we embrace the natural warmth of reclaimed wood creating sophisticated, intuitive, finely crafted pieces. We have introduced textured glass, stained ply, integrated lighting, steel structural elements and vibrant colours into our repertoire all of which contrast with the timber in the best possible way.

So here we are 5 years on and we are more content than ever. We will carry on doing what we do best, designing and making our furniture and kitchens to the very best of our abilities giving it all the welly and elbow grease we have.

Happy bank holiday weekend one and all.


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