‘Relic Refectory Bench’

Simple and perfectly proportioned, this bench is made with warm dark oak stained soft wood planks bursting with personality combined with black stained legs. Can be made to any size, get in touch for a price. The bench shown is 1.4m long x 35cm deep and costs £210





“Relic Chipper Bench”

Reclaimed scaffold planks transformed into the sweetest of benches. We can make whatever size you need but see below for sizes and prices as a guide.

220cm x 30cm x 47cm – £290

200cm x 30cm x 47cm – £270

180cm x 30cm x 47cm – £250

160cm x 30cm x 47cm high – £220

140cm x 30cm x 47cm high – £200

120cm x 30cm x 47cm high – £180

100cm x 30cm x 47cm high – £ 160