coffee tables and side tables

1. The characterful “Cat-Lap” Coffee tables made from reclaimed Victorian floorboards, The large rectangular measures 120cm x 60cm x 50cm high, Price: £350 and the small square measures 60cm x 60cm x 50cm high, Price: £280. The subtle splash of colour on the legs can be any colour you desire!


2. The wonderful “Scavvy” Coffee table made from reclaimed scaffold boards, pallet legs and wine crate drawers with salvaged handles. Measures 130cm x 87cm x 45cm high, Price: £530


3. Our best seller the “Chateau Liberal” Coffee Table with drawers measures 50cm x 85cm x 45cm high. £350 Every coffee table comes with different drawers and feet with different markings on, making each table unique.


4. Our simple scaffold board “Chipper” Coffee Table measures 62cm x 62cm x 55cm high. £250