kitchen furniture

“Nonna’s cabinet” The orange cabinet measures 1000mm wide x 600mm high x 250mm deep. Made using reclaimed victorian floorboards, reeded glass sliding doors and a brightly painted backing panel £980


“Chan’s Island” measures 150cm x 60cm x 90cm high. Cost £1200. Doors can be painted any colour to match your own unique colour scheme.


‘Luggage rail’ kitchen hanger. This one measures 1700mm wide x 435mm high x 280mm deep. £850


Reclaimed timber shelves and brackets We now supply  ready made scaffold board shelves at £40 per metre (21cm deep) or £60 per metre at 30cm deep. They will be cleaned, sanded, varnished and ready for you to install. We can also supply you with timber brackets at £18 each or pick yourself something from a huge variety of beautiful metal brackets online. Please note, these shelves must be secured at every corner otherwise the timber will bow so if you have alternative brackets please ensure that each bracket has 2 fixing points.